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System Recommendations:

Beechcraft Single Engine Beacon Options

*These recommendations are reference only and do not take into account any modifications to the aircraft from its original configuration.

Please confirm with a sales representative the correct part numbers for your aircraft prior to ordering.


Choose A Wat Beacon:

Wat has two beacon options to choose from as a replacement for the vertical fin on a single engine Beechcraft. Here are a list of differences between the two products to help determine which is the best option for your aircraft.

Orion TM 360 Led Beacon

  • More aerodynamic shorter in height than the 71080
  • Offered in all RED, RED and WHITE split, and all WHITE

71080 Led Beacon

71080 BEACON Wide Base LED
  • 30% Brighter than the Orion TM 360
  • Offered only in all RED
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