Global Aircraft Lighting


The Whelen Aerospace Technologies Global upgrade is one of the most impressive upgrades you can purchase. The wing landing and taxi light upgrade takes the stock incandescent two light system to four independent HIDs in each wing root. Each light in these quad HID light assemblies are independently powered giving operators the added benefit of quadruple redundancy in addition to being 5 times brighter. The nose gear taxi light housings are precision CNC’d specifically for the Global, and throw 85w of natural daylight downrange acting almost as an additional landing light for the global. The logo light is just as bright as the landing and taxi lights upgrades, but also has the benefit of long life. No more changing annoying logo lights in the tail of the aircraft. All components are included for installation as well as STC paperwork.

WAT is proud to offer a great safety improvement for Global Express series aircraft. Our Next Generation HID BoomBeam lighting systems out-performs both the older halogen lights as well as LED lights. HID offers many of the same benefits as LED such as low heat output, low amp draw, and long life. The major difference between HIDs and LEDs is the light output. HID technology is five times brighter.

WAT's specialty is engineering highly efficient and powerful HID (High Intensity Discharge) landing and taxi lighting systems. WAT has been designing and obtaining FAA approval for these Next Generation HID lighting systems for more than 18 years. This experience has allowed us to create a very sophisticated yet simple to install lighting systems. The installation of the Next Generation HID lighting system requires very little downtime and will greatly enhance the safety and security of the aircraft. Specifically, on the Global Express, WAT HID landing light system takes the stock wing lights from two stock incandescent lights in each wing, to four independent HID lights in each wing. Not only are the HID’s five times brighter, but you get the added benefit of quadruple redundancy.


Whelen Aerospace Technologies provides the highest performance lighting system for Global Express series aircraft. Remember one of the best safety rules is to see and be seen!

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