Parmetheus PRO PAR-36 LED Landing Light

Product image 1Parmetheus PRO PAR-36 LED Landing Light
Product image 2Parmetheus PRO PAR-36 LED Light
Product image 3Parmetheus PRO PAR-36 LED Landing Light Installed
Product image 4Parmetheus PRO PAR-36 LED Landing Light Closeup
Product image 5Parmetheus PRO PAR-36 LED Landing Light at Night
Product image 6Parmetheus PRO PAR-36 LED Light Installed
Product image 7Parmetheus PRO PAR-36 LED Light on Runway
Product image 8Parmetheus PRO PAR-36 LED Landing Light
Product image 9Parmetheus PRO PAR-36 LED Landing Light at Night
Product image 10Parmetheus PRO PAR-36 LED Landing Light in Action
Product image 11Parmetheus PRO PAR-36 LED Landing Light at Night on Runway

Parmetheus™ Pro, an LED landing light. New and improved optic technology now rivals and surpasses all LED offerings on the market. The Parmetheus™ Pro is external flasher friendly, lightweight, low current, moisture resistant and operates 14V-28V. The new innovations in optic design represent the WAT's commitment to providing state of the art technology to the Aviation industry.

Parmetheus Pro Par 36 LED Landing Light Tech Specs

  • Input Voltage: 14V-28V 
  • Current Draw: .9 AMPS @ 28 V, 1.7 AMPS @ 14V
  • Candela: 106,169 @ 28V 106,169 @ 14V
  • Installation Manual#: LSM-500-122
  • Light Source: White LED
  • Lens: Clear Hard Coated PolyCabonate
  • Compatible with all pulse light modules 
Model Part # Description STC Approvals
P36PRO LSM-SCD-042-1 14V-28V LED Drop in Replacement STC Approved FAA/STC
Additional Information

Part 23 STC Paperwork - Piston/Turboprop Aircraft. - No Charge

Part 25 STC Paperwork - Jet Aircraft - $2500 Up Charge 

  • Five year warranty
  • Simple drop-in installation
  • 60-day product buyback
  • FAA STCs included for piston and turboprop aircraft. Jet STCs are available at an additional cost
  • “Drop-In” design offers easy installation and maintenance
  • Power wiring attaches to brass screw terminals 
  • 4.35”
  • Patented technology
  • 500+ FAA STCs available

Output Data
Max Candela Caravan

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