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About Whelen Aerospace Technologies - Whelen Aviation + LoPresti


Whelen Aerospace Technologies represents a rich history in technological innovations and is now positioned as the global leader in the aerospace lighting market. For over 65 years, we’ve had exceptional milestones that demonstrate our dedication to constant innovation, and we’ve never been more excited for the future.

Origins -

Whelen Engineering: Founded 1952 - George W Whelen III invents the first rotating aircraft “anti-collision” beacon in his garage in Deep River, Connecticut.

LoPresti Aviation: Founded 1991 - Roy LoPresti, an aeronautical engineer and ex-Air Force pilot, founds LoPresti Aviation in Sebastian, Florida.

A Merger of Equals -

Whelen Aerospace Technologies (WAT): Founded 2019 - Whelen Engineering’s Aviation Division and LoPresti Aviation officially merge to become Whelen Aerospace Technologies.

About Whelen Aerospace Technologies

Whelen Aerospace Technologies is the global leader in high-end lighting products for the aerospace industry.

Our experienced staff designs, engineers, and manufactures high-quality products that provide safety, visibility, and recognition for aircraft across all platforms.

Our design engineers work closely with OEM and service provider networks to design high-performance products that enhance the pilot experience, as well as provide safety of flight.

As an FAA-approved production holder, Whelen Aerospace Technologies owns hundreds of STCs for aircraft landing, taxi, anti-collision and position lights. Our in-house composite shop produces a wide variety of STC and PMA approved speed modifications for a number of general aviation aircraft.

Our expansive product line is sure to provide a solution for pilots and owners alike, based on their individual needs.

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Whelen Aerospace Technologies

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