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Whelen Aerospace Technologies Technical Support


LED Support: 

Jeff Argersinger |  (860) 718-2213 |

Repair Processing                       Whelen Factory Repair      

Patty Classon                                                                                                     Building B

Aviation Assistant Service Manager                                                          51 Winthrop Road                         

860-526-9504 ext. 2333                                                                            Chester, CT 06412-0684


Please include: A copy of the sales receipt if qualified for warranty coverage. A short description of the problem. Your name, return address and daytime phone number. For complete warranty and repair information, refer to your Whelen User Direct Warranty statement or contact Whelen Aerospace Technologies. 

 HID Support: 

 | (800) 859-4757 | (772) 562-4757 | 
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