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Mike Goulian


Mike Goulian doesn't just fly an air show; he attacks it.

Millions of air show spectators around the globe have witnessed the ferocity of a Mike Goulian air show performance. Every roll, pull, and tumble of his flight is a deliberate execution of precision. With his aggressive approach to the air show arena, Mike Goulian has mastered the ability to convey his message of passion through flight.

Mike's crisp, athletic style of flying is the evolution of his landmark career as an aerobatic competitor. Mike reached the pinnacle of the sport when he won the United States Unlimited Aerobatic Championship at only 27 years of age. He was honored to represent the United States at the World Aerobatic Championship on three separate occasions.

Mike returned to the competitive world with his participation in the famed Red Bull Air Race series. He was chosen once again to represent the United States on a global stage. Mike's relentless pursuit of perfection earned him a first place win in Budapest, Hungary in 2009.

As an air show superstar Mike Goulian continues to redefine what is possible in the air. His ability to push the limits while adhering to strict safety standards has earned Mike the reputation of being a true professional in his field. He was recognized for his efforts when the aviation industry bestowed upon him its greatest honors. He is one of a seven people to have been awarded all three of the air show industries most prestigious awards; the Art Scholl Memorial (2006) Showmanship Award, and the Bill Barber Award for Showmanship (2009), and the ICAS Sword of Excellence (2012).

Today, Mike's performance is the perfect marriage between man and machine. The only airplane capable of delivering a Mike Goulian performance is the EXTRA 330SC. Composed of high tech, lightweight carbon-fiber and rugged steel construction, the EXTRA 330SC is the world's most high performance aerobatic airplane.

Despite Mike's successes he remains humble and accessible to organizers and fans alike. This rare combination has made Mike Goulian an unforgettable air show favorite.

The Lima Lima Flight Team


The Lima Lima Flight Team started with one flying club. The Mentor Flyers, Inc. was organized as a non-profit corporation in 1975. It was chartered as a 15 member flying club, based at Naper Aero Club field, Outside of Naperville, Illinois. Naper Aero is a residential airpark, with over 100 homes connected to runways via taxiways behind the homes.

Above all, the Lima Lima Flight Team stresses precision formation flying, and keeping the team in front of an airshow crowd during all of it's maneuvers, from take-off to landing. Lima Lima has performed in airshows from coast to coast and border to border, thrilling more than 100 million spectators with the beauty and grace of their precision performances.

Matt Younkin's Twin Beech 18


Matt Younkin's Beech 18 performance is likely the most unusual act on the airshow circuit today. The Beech 18 was never designed for aerobatic flight; however that doesn't make it incapable of doing just that.

The performance is almost a mirror image of the one his father Bobby pioneered and flew for over 15 years. It begins with a roll on takeoff followed by a series of Cuban eights, point-rolls, and even a loop.

The conclusion is a dirty pass dubbed the "Elephant Waltz" in which Matt rocks the huge transport's wings more than 90 degrees with the landing gear and flaps extended! 

The performance begins and ends to light-hearted music which capitalizes on an overly obese airplane executing maneuvers that its designers and airshow audience members alike never conceived possible for a large transport plane. As a contrast, the majority of the performance flows with beauty and grace to equally beautiful music and a special tribute to Bobby Younkin.

Matt Younkin's "Twin Beech After Dark" Night Show


Imagine the airshow circuit's largest, noisiest, and smokiest airplane lit up like a Christmas tree and performing aerobatics at night! Imagination has become reality! Keeping with Younkin Airshows tradition of pioneering the unusual, this new variation of an existing amazement will surely be the highlight of any night airshow. 

Twin Beech after dark consists of the industries only ground started night spectacular. With the lights and smoke, the airplane appears to climb vertically like the spaceshuttle Discovery. The Beech returns shortly for a spectacular display of strobes, spotlights, and illuminated smoke. The bottom of the airplane contains a series of red and white strobes and military position lights that combine to create an effect that will thrill even UFO enthusiasts.

Rower Airshows

Rower Airshows

This is Rower Airshows, the most exciting, pulse pounding vintage Stearman airshow on the circuit today!

Neal Darnell, Flash Fire Jet Trucks


As driver/pilot of the World's Fastest Jet Powered Truck, Neal has been involved in the Air Show Business nearly 10 years.After being involved in Motorsport Production most of his life Neal and wife Marilyn turned over the business to son John in 1999. Neal had also been involved in several types of racing over the years and had always been interested in Jet Engines.

Raiders Demo Team


The team provides a unique and exciting 4 to 6 aircraft formation aerobatic demonstration. The Raider Pilots are Level II Qualified in both formation and solo aerobatics and display the capabilities of the Yahkovlev 52 and Nanchang CJ6 aircraft in precision formation and solo aerobatic flight always at show center.

The Patriots Jet Team


The first Off the Patriots Jet demonstration aircraft were purchased in 1999 with additional L-39 Jets purchased through 2002. The aircraft were disassembled and shipped via truck, rail and sea in a 40' container from Europe to the United States. After painstaking restoration by the Patriots Jet Team team, The Patriots L-39 jets modified for use on the air show circuit with upgraded avionics systems for navigation and communications, removal of weight for better air show performance, addition of a 25 gallon smoke oil system, and removal of their previous paint scheme.

Bandit Flight Team


Bandit Flight Team performs at events including NC State football games, NASCAR events including, Charlotte Motor Speedway, Martinsville Speedway, Richmond Raceway and Dover Speedway, Durham Bulls, NFL Charlotte Panthers, Rally for the Cure, Wilmington, NC Azalea Festival Parade as well as national anthem flyovers, charity events, Missing Man Formation, grand openings and VIP and corporate events. The Bandits are a group of highly-trained, experienced pilots with FAA Formation Cards and Commercial Pilot's Licenses flying to preserve our Military Heritage as well as saluting our veterans and first responders while "FLYING FOR THE FLAG". Based in Raleigh, NC please contact us at www.banditflightteam.com, Facebook or Twitter

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