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Explore our comprehensive list of Reseller STC approvals that encompass Whelen Aerospace products. For detailed information about a specific STC, we encourage you to reach out to the respective reseller. They will provide you with the necessary insights and assistance.




STC Approved Kits

Gallagher Wingtip STC

Gallagher Aviation Beechcraft LED Wingtip Bracket STC Kit


Gallagher Aviation is proud to launch its new Beechcraft LED Wingtip kit for Bonanzas and Barons with the late style wrap-around wingtip lens. This STC (SA04537CH) is for Bonanza and Baron aircraft. Our kit provides several options to meet your needs so you are not forced into buying a product you do not require. The wingtips can be equipped with the WAT Orion 650E wing LED navigation light (red or green) with white LED strobe light, the 71125 forward facing LED recognition/landing light (it has a ground adjustable articulating option), and the Orion 500 tail LED navigation light (white) and white LED strobe light. The kit comes with an STC, is painted white, and the lights are warranted for 5 years. The kit comes with or without up to 5 LED lamps to totally outfit the aircraft with LED navigation, strobe, and additional landing or recognition lighting. Don't forget to pickup wire (we stock wire - Pulselights and Other Components) or pulse light switches (MaxPulse - Pulselights and Other Components) for better day and night time VFR recognition.

Gallagher Alpine STC

Gallagher Aviation Alphine Main Landing Gear STC Kit


Gallagher Aviation is proud to provide the Alpine Main Landing Gear (MLG) Auxiliary Lighting System for all model Beechcraft aircraft. The STC covers all Model 33, 35, 36, 55, 56, and 95 series Beechcraft aircraft. This systems provides the installation of two PAR-36 (4.5" diameter lamps) incandescent or Whelen Aerospace Technologies (WAT) G3 LED landing (12 degree spot light) or taxi (50 degree flood light) lights on the main landing gear and comes equipped with all of the components for installation. Installation time is approximately 6 hours but depends on individual circumstances and may vary with differing site conditions and experience of the installer. Gallagher Aviation recommends the G3 LED landing light as the most advantageous option for optimal light and utility for night time operations.

Wilco Wingtip STC

Wilco Beechcraft LED Wingtip STC Kit


Note: This kit is used for models with larger Beechcraft wingtip lenses used on 1974 and after Bonanzas and Barons.

Our STC covers the following Beechcraft models in 28V: F33A, G36, V35B, 36, A36, A36TC, B36TC, 95-B55, 95-B55A, 95-B55B (T-42), G58, E55, E55A, 58, 58P, 58TC.

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