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Gulfstream Aircraft Lighting

Enhanced Visibility: Whelen Aerospace's HID kits significantly improve illumination, offering brighter and more focused light compared to traditional incandescent systems, ensuring safer operations during night flights and in poor weather conditions.

Lower Operating Temperatures: Despite their higher light output, these HID kits operate at cooler temperatures, reducing the risk of heat damage to lenses and surrounding aircraft components.

Energy Efficiency: The HID technology used in these kits is more energy-efficient, providing superior brightness with less power consumption, leading to longer lifespan for both the lights and the aircraft's electrical systems.
Custom Fit Design: Each kit is tailored for specific aircraft models, ensuring a perfect fit and seamless integration into the aircraft design.

Comprehensive Kit:  The kits come complete with all necessary components, down to the wire ties needed for installation.

Comprehensive Warranty: Every kit is backed by a robust 5-year or 5,000-hour warranty, ensuring your peace of mind and reliability over time.

   We also provide LED lighting options. Please click here to explore our LED Gulfstream Lighting Solutions.
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