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Cirrus Aircraft Lighting

 Whelen Aerospace Technologies (WAT) has a variety of products available for the Cirrus aircraft fleet. Available for all the SR models, the WAT landing light is on over 1⁄2 of the fleet. Our landing light out performs all of our competitors by 5 times so this upgrade is the most obvious. For the wing lights, we offer two different setups. The tri-tip lite is a drop in replacement HID for aircraft equipped with LED wingtip recognition lights (G3-G5). For aircraft not equipped with the stock LED wingtip lights (G1-G2) or aircraft that want -more spill light on the wings (G3-G5) Whelen Aerospace Tri-Tip modification. This modification requires sending your existing wingtips to our facility to be cut into adding a WAT  85W HID to each wingtip. You won’t even know you’re landing at night with this WAT setup on your Cirrus.

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