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HID Landing Lights for Cirrus SR20, SR22, SR22T

Product image 1HID Landing Lights for Cirrus Aircraft
Product image 2HID Landing Lights for Cirrus Aircraft At Night
Product image 3HID Landing Lights for Cirrus Aircraft on Runway
Product image 4HID Landing Light
Product image 5HID Landing Lights for Cirrus SR20, SR22, SR22T
Product image 6HID Landing Lights for Cirrus SR20, SR22, SR22T
Product image 7HID Landing Lights for Cirrus Installed
Product image 8Cirrus Aircraft HID Landing Lights

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Cirrus SR20, SR22, SR22T HID Landing Lights

The Whelen Aerospace Technologies (WAT) BoomBeam HID lights is the best upgrade path for your Cirrus's landing light. We can provide a 7-time increase in light output. Greatly improving the safety of both day and night operations. This 85-watt BoomBeam consists of a new glass lens, reflector assembly, new lamp, 2 cables and the latest technology 85-watt ballast, and all the hardware necessary to install the kit. As a previous OEM supplier to Cirrus WAT has produced thousands of these units. We used that knowledge gained to create the best landing light available for your Cirrus. Our reflector technology is the best in the market. We married this improved reflector with our latest technology 85-watt ballast to create a light upgrade that improves light output by 700% over the factory installed light But we did not stop there. We know that each pilot wants his airplane set up just for him. Some want a broad, wide landing beam and others, (that may have our TriTips installed), want to maximize the range of the light. The WAT BoomBeam light is tuneable so you can adjust the light for a custom fit to you and your aircraft.

IMPORTANT Use the following guide to choose the correct SKU:

LSM-500-082-17 - Round Cowling Light - Fits SR20 S/N: 1148-1422 and SR22 S/N: 0119-0820

LSM-500-082-19 - Rectangular Light - Fits SR20 S/N 1423-2043, SR22 S/N 0821-3495

LSM-500-082-21 - Rectangular Light - Fits SR20 S/N 2044 - 2126, SR22 S/N 3389 - 3827, SR22T with HID lights

LSM-500-082-27 - LED to HID, Rectangular Light - Fits SR20 S/N 2127 and Subsequent SR22 S/N 3828 and Subsequent SR22T With Factory installed LED Lights


Technical Data:

9 Times Brighter Than Stock Light

Easy Installation

Tunable Beam Widths

5 year Or 5000 Hour Warranty

- Produces 3 - 15 times more light, engineered specifically for each model aircraft.
- Increases safety, see and be seen
- Reduces electrical loan and heat output
- Decreases AOG time for lighting issues, no filament to break
- 5 year/ 5,000hr warranty, a proven system based on time-tested experience
- More closely approximates the color temperature of Natural Daylight
- FAA STC and PMA for hundreds of make/models of aircraft
- Thousands of installations worldwide

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