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Piper Aircraft Lighting

"This spring I purchased from you new wingtips & HID lights for my 1996 Piper Saratoga II HP. While I’d seen the photographs on your website and chatted with pilots who’d experienced your product, I remained somewhat skeptical. Certainly I expected an improvement, but felt it was likely over-hyped. I could not have been more wrong.

Wow! What can I say? The lights are amazing! I feel like an airliner! So many perks to having these HID Boom Beams including better visibility of my plane during the day. With the incredible lifespan of these bulbs, I leave them on all the time, something I never did with conventional bulbs. So now I’m much more visible during the day, that’s huge! And night landings? Forget about it! With these lights on I almost feel guilty logging the landings as “night!” There’s a lot of deer in my part of the country, and I’ve seen many on runways. Still vigil, I’m sure my odds have increased tenfold for seeing and hopefully avoiding one on take- off or landing.

Lastly, while I knew I’d like the look, as these tips are sharp, I was somewhat skeptical of the 3-4 knot increase mentioned on the website. I’m here to tell you, conservatively, I’ve gotten at least five! It took several flights for me to be convinced, but I have to tell you it’s true. So in review, the lights are so much brighter, and long lasting that safety has increased drastically, the plane is significantly faster, and it looks newer, faster, and beautiful. A win, win, win! Thanks for your help, and providing a terrific product."

Matthew Kiener

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