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LoPresti Boom Beam HID Lights

LoPresti Boom Beam HID Lights

HID Overview: 

Landing and taxi light systems for aircraft deliver situational awareness at the most critical phase of your flight.  Our HID lighting systems utilize patented reflector and lamp components to bring you the brightest light that was designed specifically for the demand of aircraft lighting.

An HID lamp has no filament, and utilizes a single tungsten electrode. This electrode is sealed in a quartz tube which is filled with Xenon gas and other various metal salts. WAT HID lights produce light beams that illuminate long distances the could exceed 2-3 times the distance similar to wattage to similar wattage halogen and LEDs. HIDs are the most balanced across output, cost, technology, and power. When shopping for lights for your aircraft, consider WAT HID's when lighting at far distances is a priority. 

WAT HID Lights:

 WAT had designed and patented an 85W dual powered ballast that is customized for aviation use. This ballast strikes up at 60 W and has a white/blue light we call this recognition mode. After about 23 seconds the light ramps up from 60 W to 85W and changes to a more natural daylight color, we call this landing mode.  We made our ballast this way to increase the life of the ballasts and have a brighter recognition light to see during daytime operations. When the light goes into landing mode, the natural daylight color temperature is much more perceivable for the human eye. With the combined power and color temperature of the light, landing at night is a breeze. 

In addition to our dual powered ballasts, WAT has a patented HID Multi-Light Array (MLA). The MLA assemblies not only produce over 1 million candle power, but they also are very redundant. Each lamp in the multi light array is independently powered by its own ballast. In the rare instance of a failure, only the single light will fail versus the entire assembly.  This ensures optimal dispatch reliability for each and every flight.

WAT has a variety of FAA STC, EASA, ANAC, INAC and Transport Canada approved kits ranging from a single engine piston, up to a commercial airliner. Our HID lighting systems come with a 5 year/5,000-hour warranty and 90-day buyback guarantee. All of our HID kits come with aircraft model specific precision CNC or sheet metal bracketry, mil spec finish, and all components needed for installation. 



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