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Wingtip Recognition Light for Beechcraft King Air - Now STC Approved

Product image 1Wingtip Recognition Light for Beechcraft King Air
Product image 2Recognition Light for Beechcraft King Air
Product image 3BeechCraft Stock Lights vs upgraded Lights

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Beechcraft King Air Wingtip Recognition Light

Whelen Aerospace Technologies (WAT) KingAir series wingtip recognition light installation kit. This kit features model-specific rectangular light assemblies for each wingtip. Each lamp is independently powered by WAT 's patented 85-watt ballasts, that is mounted via click bond studs, so no drilling into the aircraft is required. This system comes with all components needed for installation.

Fits Beechcraft King Air Models: King Air 200, King Air B300, King Air B300C


" The King Air is the hallmark of reliability in the commercial aircraft industry. LoPresti Engineering had designed an improvement worthy of the great aircraft. The LoPresti HID BoomBeam provides a massive light output with less power draw than stock bulbs. In addition, LoPresti's BoomBeam completely eliminates filament lamp failures. Every Pilot and operator needs this improved safety and reliability.”- Marshal Puckett/ AvReps International 

"With the BoomBeams now every landing is a daylight landing. Since we installed the BoomBeams we have flown hundreds of hours and haven’t had a failure. I don’t expect to ever change another landing or taxi light. In fact, I am so confident in the performance, I don’t even carry any spare." Mark Jones/ Chief Pilot 

  - Produces 3 - 15 times more light, engineered specifically for each model aircraft.
- Increases safety, see and be seen
- Reduces electrical loan and heat output
- Decreases AOG time for lighting issues, no filament to break
- 5 year/ 5,000hr warranty, a proven system based on time-tested experience
- More closely approximates the color temperature of Natural Daylight
- FAA STC and PMA for hundreds of make/models of aircraft
- Thousands of installations worldwide

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