April 2021 - Sun N' Fun Overview | Whelen Aerospace Technologies

April 2021 - Sun N' Fun Overview

We were pleased to get together with everyone again at Sun N Fun 2021. The passion and excitement of aviation whistled in the air for all 5 days of the show. Thank you to everyone who was able to join us at our “Return to Service” night airshow party on Wednesday night!

Whelen Aerospace was especially excited about the show this year so we can unveil all the innovations we had been working on over the past year.Microburst Plus LED LightMicroburst™ Plus experimental LED Wingtip Lights were launched in August of 2020. These assemblies provide navigation and anti-collision functions just like the original assemblies but with an updated internal optic reflector design. The new reflector not only improves the aesthetics, it also provides greater light output performance in the same package.


Blaze Experimental LED LightIn addition, the Brand-new Blaze experimental LED Wingtip Lights were launched in August of 2020. Blaze an all-LED wingtip position, anti-collision and tail light assembly for the LSA and experimental market. These lights are Low drag and light weight without compromising safety and visibility. These lights are flying on Mike Goulian’s Extra 300 airshow airplane.  

Blaze LED Light on Cirrus Aircraft


Orion 550 LED Tail LightOn March 15, 2021 we released the Orion™ 550 LED tail light. Similar to the Orion™ 500 series Orion™ 550 product incorporates both the WHITE flashing Anti-Collision light, and the Tail Position light functions. The big difference is the Orion™ 550 has a smaller base profile to easily mount in Supercubs, Vans RV’s and aircraft with tapered tail fins.


Orion 650 LED LightAt the show were finally able to unveil our newest redesign of our popular Orion™ 650 LED wingtip light assembly. We added a new reflector to the Popular Orion 650 to improve overall aesthetics and performance.


The innovations won’t stop there for Whelen Aerospace we listen to our customers and work around the clock so we can continue making the skies a safer place. We are looking forward to seeing you all at the next gathering or airshow.

Whelen Tradeshow Booth

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