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Main Pants - Cirrus IceSkates Mod

Product image 1Main Pants Cirrus IceSkates Mod
Product image 2Main Pants - Cirrus IceSkates Mod
Product image 3Cirrus IceSkates Mod
Product image 4Cirrus  Aircraft IceSkates Mod
Product image 5Main Pants - Cirrus IceSkates Mod
Product image 6Main Pants - Cirrus IceSkates Mod

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Cirrus Aircraft Ice Skates Mod

Whelen Aerospace Technologies WAT IceSkates offer new styling, new materials and higher performance for your Cirrus.  The WAT IceSkate for your main gear offers a more structurally substantial pant. Our pant is manufactured with better, fire resistant and stiffer materials, (Carbon Fiber, etc).  We also know that Cirrus are steered with differential braking so temperatures are critical. In order to help control brake heat and improve brake performance, IceSkates have an air vent that blows fresh air right on the brake calliper.  Customers report improved braking longer brake pad performance. 

We did not stop there. IceSkates also include new and stiffer brackets to mount your pant to your airplane. These stiffer brackets reduce flex and will enhance the longevity of the pant. 
The IceSkate also has a large access door for your tires air valve. Installation is very simple. 

Technical Data:

Carbon fiber construction

Large Air Valve Access Door

Brake Cooling Duct

New Stiffer Mounting Brackets

Improved Materials

Reduced Weight

Easy installation

All new parts

FAA Approved

Delivered in Primer Gray

Models: SR22 G3 SN 3496 & SUB, SR22 G3 SN 2438-3495, SR22 G2 SN 0821-2437, SR22 G1 SN 0002-0820 (MAIN PANTS ONLY)

SR20 G3 SN 2044 & SUB, SR20 G3 SN 1886-2043, SR20 G2 SN 1423-1885, SR20 G1 SN 1148-1422, SR20 G1 SN 1005-1147

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