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Citation 500 Series W/ Trailing Link Gear Parmetheus™ G3 LED Landing Light Kit

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 Elevate your aviation experience with our latest Parmetheus™ G3 Series LED Landing Lights. Designed to enhance visibility and efficiency, these cutting-edge lights offer superior performance and reliability for your aircraft. While the STC for Part 25 aircraft is currently pending, the G3 Series is available now with 8110-3 (for N registered aircraft only) paperwork for immediate installation.

Key Benefits:

  • Effortless Replacement: Our Parmetheus™ G3 lamps are a direct, drop-in replacement for traditional incandescent bulbs, simplifying the upgrade process.
  • Enhanced Illumination: Experience significantly brighter and clearer light output, ensuring improved safety and visibility during takeoff, landing, and taxiing.
  • Energy Efficiency: The G3 LED technology reduces current draw, contributing to lower operational costs and increased electrical system efficiency.

Citation 500 Series W/ Trailing Link Gear


Taxi Light Kit 

  • (2) 01-0772102-15 - Parmetheus™ G3 Par 36 Main Gear LED Taxi Lights
  • (1) 8110-3 Paperwork

Upgrade to the Parmetheus™ G3 Series LED Landing Lights today and benefit from advanced lighting technology that sets new standards in aircraft safety and performance.

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