71259 Series Interior LED

Product image 171259 Series Interior LED
Product image 271259 Series Interior LED
Product image 371259 Series Interior LED


71259 Series is an Interior LED Illumination Product. It is designed as a stand alone or it can be attached to other WAT LED lighting, to provide landing/taxi/recognition lighting behind an aircraft outer lens. Assembly ships with two sets of 10 inch, 18 ga. leads and terminates with A444 style connectors. There are choices of 10, 20 & 30 degree optic lighting spreads for these assemblies. 28 VDC Only. Contact your OEM for installation eligibility on your aircraft.

Technical Specifications 

Drawing 71259
Weight 0.65 lbs
Dimensions H x W x D 3.25 (83mm) x 3.90 (99mm) x 2.05 (52mm)
Current Draw 1.25 amps
LED color White
Lenses Clear Poly carbonate


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