71125 Series LED Recognition Light

Product image 171125 Series LED Recognition Light
Product image 271125 Series LED Recognition Light Installed
Product image 371125 Series LED Recognition Light on Aircraft

Model 71125 Series LED recognition light is designed to provide supplemental lighting for a wide variety of aircraft applications. Provides all of the advantages of LED's as a light source, no EMI/RFI, low current draw, low heat, long life. Perfect for vibration prone areas. Item ships with flying leads. Several different beam spreads available. Version containing integrated MS connector also available.

*Brackets and mounting hardware not included*

Tech Specs
  • Drawing Number: 71125
  • Power Consumption: 0.9 Amps @ 14 Volts, 0.45 Amps @ 28 Volts
  • Lens: Clear polycarbonate
  • LED Color: Aviation White
  • Weight: 0.3 lbs. (136gm)
  • Overall Width: 3.25 (83mm)
  • Overall Depth: 1.25 (32mm)
  • Overall Height: 1.95 (50mm)
Model Part # Description STC Approvals
7112510 01-0771125-10 LED Light, 2"x3", 14V, 10 degree None None
7112510 01-0771125-11 LED Light, 2"x3", 14V, 20 degree None None
7112512 01-0771125-12 LED Light, 2"x3", 14V, 90 degree None None
7112520 01-0771125-20 LED Light, 2"x3", 28V, 10 degree None None
7112521 01-0771125-21 LED Light, 2"x3", 28V, 20 Degree None None
7112522 01-0771125-22 LED Light, 2"x3", 28V, 90 Degree None None
7112523 01-0771125-23 LED Light 2"x3", 28V, 30 Degree None None
7112550 01-0771125-50 LED Light, 2"x3", 28V, 20 Deg. (Hoist) None None
7112551 01-0771125-51 LED Light, 2"x3", 28V, 90 Deg. (Hoist) None None
RECLENS 01-0418045-00 KIT, LENS 20/30/90 DEG OPTICS FOR 7112510 & 20 None None

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