71105 Series LED Position Light Assembly

Product image 171105 Series LED Position Light Assembly
Product image 271105 Series LED Position Light Assembly
Product image 371105 Series LED Position Light Assembly
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71105 series are fully FAA TSO compliant Forward Position lights. LEDs provide a significant reduction in electrical current draw over conventional light bulbs. Direct replacement for Whelen Model W1285 series (Version STC on Learjet Aircraft).




Technical Specifications 

•LED Navigation Light Power Consumption: 0.25 Amps @ 14V or 28V 
•LED Colors: Aviation Red, Aviation Green 
•Weight: 0.20 Lbs (91mm) 14V, 0.25 Lbs (113mm) 28V 
•Exposed Height: 2.70 (69mm) 
•Lens: Clear Polycarbonate







7110501 01-0771105-01 LED Position Light, Green, 14V FAA/TSO-C30c Type II
7110502 01-0771105-02 LED Position Light, Red, 14V FAA/TSO-C30c Type I
7110503 01-0771105-03 LED Position Light, Green, 28V FAA/TSO-C30c Type II
7110504 01-0771105-04 LED Position Light, Red, 28V FAA/TSO-C30c Type I




Install Guide: 14099 - 7110501 
Install Guide: 14099 - 7110502
Install Guide: 14099 - 7110503
Install Guide: 14099 - 7110504
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