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Terms and Conditions WAT Purchase Orders

Terms and Conditions

Each PO will reference applicable terms and conditions from the following. Not all terms and conditions may apply to each supplier or each PO.

  • All Whelen Aerospace Technologies (WAT) parts procured with this PO must include a signed Certificate of Conformance (C of C) stating at minimum that parts conform to the latest drawing revision, standard technical data (if any), and PO requirements.

  • Suppliers shall maintain an effective Quality System capable of complying with the contract requirements entered in with WAT.  Changes to their system will be provided to WAT at implementation this will assure FAA requirements are being met.

  • All contracts requiring a Special Process will state so on the P.O.  Supplier shall obtain the necessary approvals or certifications prior to starting manufacturing articles requiring special processes, i.e. providing a copy of an employee's certification performing 2G type welding on an WAT part.  Additionally, documented evidence of approvals and/or certifications shall be provided to WAT representatives upon request.   Service providers such as suppliers performing welding must also provide a C of C for their work and materials used. 

  • Laboratories providing calibration shall be accredited to ISO 17025, latest edition. Certificates of Calibration shall be submitted to WAT.

  • Suppliers of WAT parts must provide a (FAI) First Article Inspection for the first time run of such parts and for parts that have been previously manufactured by the vendor but had not provided a FAI.  FAI’s may also be required based on the suppliers performance percentage at WAT receiving.

  • Raw materials must include signed Certificate of Analysis showing Lot numbers for each shipment. Supplier should segregate all materials and chemicals used to make WAT products from other shop items to prevent inadvertent mix-ups.  The same separating measures during filing should take place with traceability and certification documents to prevent misplacement and to assure quick document identification and retrieval.  

  • Parts found to be non-conforming will be scrapped, returned to vendor for rework (if approved by WAT Engineering), or to receive future credit. Supplier disposition of WAT parts or assemblies through their MRB is not authorized. Supplier shall notify WAT within two (2) business days of detected failures and provide WAT with all applicable information so WAT management can decide the route of action.   

  • All Suppliers must report any failures, malfunctions and defects to WAT to ensure the FAA requirements are complied with.

  • Shelf-life items shall have at least six months remaining life at the time of receipt by WAT.

  • Supplier acknowledges WAT’s right of access to its facilities, product, and/or related quality records at any time, by WAT, its customer, or regulatory authorities in order to verify quality of products or work. Right of access may be limited to only those records and product applicable to WAT’s products or contracts. 

  • All WAT purchasing requirements shall be flowed down to sub-tier suppliers or subcontractors. Suppliers must inform WAT when the source of a top-level product is updated to a foreign source. 

  • The supplier shall not change any process, material, or procedure nor perform any deviation or variation from any drawing, specification, or Purchase Order without prior written approval from WAT.   Supplier/Vendor to have a documented procedure requiring it to notify WAT immediately of unexpected anomalies, nonconformances, changes in product and/or process, changes of suppliers, and/or changes of manufacturing facility location. WAT reserves the right to approve such changes or incidents before work is allowed to proceed.

  • In concurrence with these terms the Supplier acknowledges it is acting under the quality system of WAT and shall apply suitable corrective action when presented with WAT complaints or nonconformance reports or requests.

  • Records pertaining to the manufacture, inspection and test of WAT’s products shall be retained for a minimum of ten (10) years.

  • Supplier shall conduct its activities within the Aerospace Industries Association of America (AIA) Global Principles of Ethics in the Aerospace & Defense Industry, available for review here: http://asd-europe.org/business-ethics

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