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Premier I and IA Peregrine STC:

Peregrine has developed a groundbreaking supplemental type certificate (STC) in collaboration with Wichita Aerospace, aiming to enhance the performance and reliability of exterior lighting on the Premier Jet. This STC revolutionizes the wingtip light clusters by replacing them entirely with state-of-the-art LED technology, encompassing Navigation, Recognition, and Strobe lights. Furthermore, it extends to the tail cone, where the original lens and housing are replaced with a single, dual function LED.

The STC process ingeniously repurposes the existing clear lenses while completely replacing the wingtip light assembly. By removing the outdated power supplies, strobes, and incandescent bulbs, the STC significantly reduces the electrical load by over 28 amps and sheds more than eight pounds in weight. To facilitate a seamless installation, the STC installation kit includes new Whelen lighting assemblies securely mounted to fresh sheet metal brackets, accompanied by a pre-wired harness.

The Devore lights, which this STC replaces, were designed in the 1990s and relied on older flash tube or incandescent bulb technology. They proved to be inefficient and required external components to function properly. Another concern for owners and operators is the unavailability of the original lights from the manufacturer.

Thanks to Peregrine's innovative STC, aircraft owners and operators can now enjoy improved exterior lighting performance and reliability, as well as significant weight and electrical load reductions. Say goodbye to outdated lighting systems and embrace the advanced LED technology enabled by this remarkable STC.

Wingtip Light kit Features WAT's ORION™ 650 E And 71379 LED's

Wingtip Light kit Features WAT's ORION™ 650 E And 71379 LED's

Tail Light Features WAT's Orion™ 500 LED

Tail Light Features WAT's Orion™ 500 LED

  • Easa & Transport Canada Certification
  • Complete Replacement of Existing Wingtip Light Cluster (navigation, Recognition, & Strobe) in a Bolt on Replacement Assembly
  • Replacement of Corrosion Prone Tail Cone Light Housing with a Dual Function Led Assembly (navigation & Strobe)
  • Removal of All Three Strobe Power Supplies
  • Simple and Robust Kit Can Be Installed in Under a Day by an A&p

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