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The New Parmetheus™ G3 LED Landing & Taxi Lights



Sebastian, FL - Whelen Aerospace Technologies (WAT) announced today the launch of its brand new Parmetheus™ G3 LED landing and taxi lights. Keeping the tradition of industry leading performance and value, the new G3 Series is 2.5 times brighter than the popular Parmetheus™ Plus, all while maintaining the same form, fit, and functionality of a drop-in LED replacement landing light. Currently available in PAR-36 size, the G3 now operates from 14-28 volts, eliminating the need to specify voltage when ordering. Additionally, the lens is now hermetically sealed to guard against moisture intrusion. 

“This has been a long time coming” says Tyler Wheeler, CEO of Whelen Aerospace Technologies. “Our engineers have been working diligently over the past couple years developing innovative industry leading products based on our customer feedback. Thank you for all of your input, more exciting announcements on the horizon!”

Whelen Aerospace Technologies was granted FAA STC approval for the Parmetheus™ G3 for both Part 23 and Part 27 Aircraft. Additional international approvals to follow.

Independent light lab tests show that the Parmetheus™ G3 is the brightest LED landing light available and delivers the highest output per dollar when compared to competitor LED landing light options.

Since the launch of the original Parmetheus™ product back in 2010, Whelen has sold over 150,000 Parmetheus™ & Parmetheus™ Plus PAR 36 units making it general aviation’s best-selling LED landing light of all time. With all the Parmetheus™ G3’s features, combined with the WAT standard 5-year warranty, WAT again sets the bar even higher for performance and value. You can see the new Parmetheus™ G3 on display at the Whelen Aerospace Booth # 1088 Hangar A at Airventure 2021.  Find all WAT products and the Parmetheus™ G3 available for purchase at all participating WAT resellers.

Whelen Aerospace Technologies is the global leader in high-end lighting products for the aerospace industry. WAT’s experienced staff designs, engineers, and manufactures high-quality products that provide safety, visibility, and recognition for aircraft across all platforms. As an FAA-approved production holder, Whelen Aerospace Technologies owns hundreds of STCs for aircraft landing, taxi, anti-collision and position lights.

Parmetheus G3 LED Lights At Night

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