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New round inlets are formed with the leading edge close to the back of the propeller blade to use the higher energy air. 


Reduced Drag

High-efficiency round inlets

Carbon-fiber/fiberglass construction

New baffles and baffle seals

Special cooling air exit flow accelerators


Quick opening Access Doors

Both sides of the cowling allow thorough pre-flight inspection of accessories and cylinders.

New round inlets are formed with the leading edge close to the back of the propeller blade to use the higher energy air.

Also, note that the cowling split line is below the inlet...Not through the inlet.  This helps to keep the inlet the proper shape without chips or nicks for many years.

Another innovation from Whelen Aerospace is that we put the joggle on the top of the cowling and not on the bottom as is the norm.  This way when the cowl top is removed and you set it down on the hangar the edge that touches the floor is no seen when on the airplane, keeping the cowling looking as good as it performs.

High -Tech "SCRAM" Induction System

SCRAM - Super Clean Ram Air Mode

No "butterfly" valve

Unobstructed induction air flow tube direct to engine injectors

Increased manifold pressure

Filtered air block off when in RAM position

Exit Air Torus

To improve airflow exiting the cowling we employ "doughnuts"

This shape greatly improves flow and straightens the air flow as it exits the cowling.

New "Windshield Wedge"

Reduces Drag

Improves Appearance

More Speed!

Low Drag Nose Gear Doors

Low drag shape

Overlapping nose gear doors

New Fairing aft of nose gear doors

More Speed!

Whelen Aerospace Technology announces the completion of a new high-tech cowling for the Mooney 201. The original 201 cowl (1976) was one of several significant modifications applied to the Mooney Executive in its transformation into the very efficient and popular 201. Roy LoPresti recalls, “The 201 cowl was developed without any computer assistance; intuition, experience and judgment plus a great deal of rigorous flight-testing defined the cowling change. The cowl change was ‘fine-tuned’ in a series of iterative steps until an acceptable gain in speed was attained. The cowl portion of the original Mooney 201 provided a 6-MPH increase (out of the total 201 change of 23 MPH).” 

     Today, Speed Merchants’ new Super 201 cowl mod for the Mooney 201 has been computer optimized. The cowl is made with carbon fibers and features inlets that have been optimized drag-wise for the 201’s horsepower and speed. The cowl has been “slimmed” down a bit to further reduce drag. Two quick opening access doors will allow a pilot to inspect the accessory section and the cylinders. New cowl flaps with better drag shapes help provide more speed.

Included in the cowl kit are three additional speeds enhancing components:

The first speed-enhancing component is a special SCRAM engine induction air inlet. SCRAM is an acronym for Super Clean RamAir Mod. When the ram air valve is opened, a cylindrical duct provides a smooth obstruction free path directly to the engine injector (eliminating the stock ram air butterfly valve). Additionally, when the SCRAM inlet is opened the primary filtered air source is isolated allowing only the high-pressure ram air to reach the injector body.

The second speed-enhancing component is the “Windshield Wedge”, which provides a smooth, low drag shape between the windshield and the cowl. Thus, reducing external drag and lowering cockpit noise levels.

The third speed-enhancing component is a four-part nose gear door series of aerodynamic parts. A smooth aerodynamic shape is molded into the bottom of the cowling, directing the aerodynamic flow smoothly toward a low drag set of nose gear doors. The trailing edge of the nose gear doors blends into a low drag belly fairing, completing the gear door package. The new nose gear doors are very sturdy, with a tight seal to further reduce cabin noise.

 “Today, almost 30 years after the 201 development was completed, Speed Merchants have applied their cooling drag expertise to re-optimize the 201 cowl. The result is a startling cowl PLUS a 7-MPH increase in speed!”- Roy LoPresti

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