Howl Cowl Mod for Cherokee, Saratoga, Lance

Product image 1Howl Cowl Mod for Cherokee, Saratoga, Lance Installed
Product image 2Howl Cowl Mod for Cherokee, Saratoga, Lance
Product image 3Howl Cowl Mod for Cherokee, Saratoga, Lance
Product image 4Howl Cowl Mod for Cherokee, Saratoga, Lance
Product image 5Howl Cowl Mod for Cherokee, Saratoga, Lance
Product image 6Howl Cowl Mod for Cherokee, Saratoga, Lance
Product image 7Howl Cowl Mod for Cherokee, Saratoga, Lance
Product image 8Howl Cowl Mod for Cherokee, Saratoga, Lance

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PA32-300 & PA-32-301


PA-32R-300, PA-32R-301, PA-32RT-300, PA-32RT-301

PA32-300 & PA-32-301. Increases Speed & Efficiency Better Cooling

The HOWL COWL Mod Includes:

  • New Polished Hartzell Spinner

  • New Spinner Backing Plate

  • Low Drag Carbon Fiber Cowling, Eliminates Cracks

  • Circular Inlets

  • Hi-Tech Induction System

  • New Oil Cooler

  • New Forward Baffle and Baffle Seals

  • Cowl Flap - Pilot Controllable

  • Flush Landing Light Lens

  • Large Access Doors

  • Windshield Wedge

  • Belly Fairing

The HOWL COWL mod provides a high tech cowling combined with classic smooth flowing contours. This low drag cowling is made with carbon and fiberglass. Two large access doors open easily allowing quick, easy inspection of the engine and accessories.

A drag reducing fairing, (Windshield Wedge), located on top of the baggage compartment extending from the firewall to the leading edge of the windshield. The windshield wedge reduces drag and makes the windshield area look very much like the Malibu’s windshield area. A fairing below the baggage compartment (similar to the Windshield Wedge) reduces the drag caused by exposed structural longerons on the stock belly.

The cowl is manufactured in left and right-hand halves. This arrangement eliminates the customary split line often found running through cowl inlets which leads to chips and cracks in the inlet contours. WAT's left/right cowl halves eliminate this cracking problem. The stock cooling air exit in the belly of the Six has been eliminated. All the cooling air exits through a cowl flap controlled passageway. Much better engine temperature control is provided by a cowl flap that can be positioned and locked in any position from full open to full close.

One new and larger oil cooler with new fire-sleeved oil lines is included. A new induction system inlet is strategically placed off center to intercept a pulse of air from each propeller blade passage at the right instant. The resulting pulses arrive at each cylinder’s intake valve when the valves are open. This propeller SynchroPulsing has been optimized for a three-bladed propeller but works with a two-bladed propeller. This SynchroPulsing technique provides more manifold pressure and therefore more horsepower and finally more speed.

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