Cheetah / Traveler Cowl Mod

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For AA5's only serial number 0641 thru 0834 but all AA5'A's.


LoPresti Cheetah / Traveler Cowl

For AA5's only serial number 0641 thru 0834 but all AA5'A's. Our new cowl mod for the Grumman Cheetah / Traveler is Fully STC'd and PMA'd.

The Whelen Aerospace Technologies  Cheetah / Traveler cowling features circular inlets and is split vertically allowing easy removal and reinstallation. A flush NACA scoop below the spinner provides induction air; a modified cooling air exit duct and stainless steel fasteners complete the kit. The cowling is made with carbon and fiberglass fibers.The LoPresti Cheetah / Traveler cowling the LoPresti cowling for the Grumman Tiger. The Cheetah / Traveler cowling is a little less complex and therefore is less expensive than the Tiger cowl. Flight testing is underway and probably by the time you read this press release, the airplane performance testing will be well defined.The new cowl consists of a vertically split nose bowl made with carbon fibers, a cowl-to-prop "baffle" seal, a new cooling air exit, and a NACA scoop for engine combustion air. Roy LoPresti, who optimized the Traveler design to create the Tiger more than 25 years ago said, "The basic R&D for the Tiger was done in three months in 1973 without any computers. Experience, intuition and a strong sense of urgency drove the design. Our intuition proved to be very good. Today we have 26 more years of experience. We can make any airplane go faster. Not only is the Cheetah faster now, but engine cooling is improved! The Cheetah is now a more efficient "cat" and has a fresh new modern look that enhances the Cheetah’s overall appearance." "Back in 1973 at Grumman, our experimental Tiger gave us 172 MPH. Given the right circumstances, I feel that we have a good chance to reach this goal with additional mods."Flight testing showed that we "found" 5 MPH with a Cheetah LoPresti Cowl prototype nose bowl that had a less than perfect finish. The Cheetah will keep the NACA combustion air inlet duct in the forward cowl.

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