90079 Series Power Supply Assembly HDA Style with MS Connectors

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Model 90079 series is similar to the HDACF series, but has military connectors. Connectors 2 & 3 (wing tips) will operate simultaneously and will alternate with connector 1 (tail). When operating two lights, use connectors 1 & 2 to operate in the alternating mode.


Technical Specifications 

Drawing Number: 90079
Power Consumption: 7 Amps @14 VDC; 3.5 Amps @28 VDC
Weight: 2.3 lbs. (1043gm)
Length: 5.50 (140mm)
Width: 5.0 (127mm)
Height: 2.40 (61mm)







9007904 01-0790079-04 Power Supply Assembly HDA Style with MS Connectors None FAA/PMA.    pmasup33



PMA - 9007904 - pmasup33
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