Parmetheus PLUS™ PAR-46 LED Landing /Taxi Light

Product image 1Parmetheus PLUS™ PAR-46 LED Landing /Taxi Light
Product image 2Parmetheus PLUS™ PAR-46 LED Landing /Taxi Light
Product image 3Parmetheus PLUS™ PAR-46 LED Landing /Taxi Light


Parmetheus Plus™, an LED landing light 80% brighter than the Parmetheus™. The Parmetheus Plus is external flasher friendly, lightweight, low current, and moisture resistant. The new innovations in optic design represent WAT's commitment to providing state of the art technology to the Aviation industry.





P46P1L 01-0790750-10 PAR46 LED Landing Light 14V STC SA00344BO.pdf
P46P2L 01-0790750-20 PAR46 LED Landing light 28V STC SA00344BO.pdf



STC - P46P1L - STC SA00344BO
STC - P46P2L - STC SA00344BO
PMA - P46P1L - pmasup44
PMA - P46P2L - pmasup44
Product Bulletin: Parmetheus Plus Cross Reference
Product Bulletin: Parmetheus Series
Install Guide: 14793 - P46P1L
Install Guide: 14793 - P46P2L
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