LoPresti Aviation Brochure and Catalog

LoPresti Aviation’s specialty is engineering highly efficient and powerful Next Generation BoomBeam HID landing and taxi light assemblies. LoPresti Aviation has been designing and approving these systems for more than 15 years. The BoomBeam HID lights for the Gulfstream incorporate all of our years of experience and we have created a very sophisticated yet simple to install lighting system. Installing this lighting system will require very little downtime and will greatly enhance the safety and security of the aircraft.

“From a pilot perspective, the difference in the light output of the LoPresti lights is night and day.” -Brian, G280 Operator/Chief Pilot

“The Gulfstream G280 lighting system is by far LoPresti Aviation’s best lighting system we have introduced in the business jet market to date. We have taken our 15 plus years of experience providing the brightest lights in aviation and have incorporated it into our Next Generation Landing and Taxi lighting system for the Gulfstream 280.” -Tyler Wheeler, CEO LoPresti Aviation



LOPRESTI AVIATION WEBSITE – http://www.loprestiaviation.com

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