Chroma Series LED's Now STC Approved!

CHROMA Series LED Plug N Play Position Lamps meet all FAR requirements for Chromaticity, Intensity, and Coverage FAR Part 23.1383 the 23.1397 FAR Part 27.1383 thru 27.1397 Unique reflector design allows for full FAR coverage compliance. Fixed current source design provides consistent light output compared to filament lamps and LED resistor type designs = complete FAR compliance. Robust machined base provides vibration resistance tested in accordance with RTCA/DO160 CAT U2, Curves F, F1 for rotorcraft. All electronic logic conformal coated for weather resistance. Keeps original lens configuration to maintain FAA approvals of light assembly. LED lamps have a 10,000 hour operating life, while incandescent bulbs have a fragile filament and 300 hours average life 85%.  FAA TSO and STC Approved.
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